Some details in the form is not reflecting in the system (missing custom fields)

I did not notice this till now but it looks like it is no longer importing custom fields to our leads. This changed on 7/6 of this month. The lead is Sunshine Swinson. From then on we are not getting any of the custom fields. Will pull in any details on the left, even business name. It just eliminated the custom field from the crm. We have not made any changes to the form.

I'm wondering if it's how we originally set things up with Nivan. We were using postman then zapier. When I go onto Zapier I cannot find SwellEnterprise to make the connection. I was just going to do a zapier connection from forms to the crm. Our Gravity Forms is not send over all info. We are missing our custom fields box on new submissions. we are using a basic auth through postman. Then webhooks through gravity forms. I'm not sure if we are using zapier at the moment or how it factors in.